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Welcome to an unforgettable adventure organised only for the audience of Salvo and Think Comics: a campsite and scavenger hunt host in a forest around the Lake of Varese.

The secret location will be revealed to the Guests only the day before the experience: get ready to walk up and down, to cross a swamp, to prove your courage and loyalty.

The event is ALL-INCLUSIVE: clothes (if you need them), snacks, drinks, lunch, spirits. If you like, mail us to book the optional professional photo-shooting at the end of the day.

We work with dynamic pricing: early birds get a special fare starting from 120 € per person in July, then we will raise it depending on availability & in August and September.

The event is for a max. of 30 Guests (20 without clothing): as soon as we reach capacity, the event will be closed as sold-out and only the waiting list will be available.

As said, the event is on invitation only: reach out to Salvo or Think Comics to get the code necessary to complete the registration form, and then get ready to slide back in time.

During the adventure, forget modern facilities, toilets, mobiles, cutlery, napkins and amenities. It's pirate life, it's pirate code, and so you do it at your own responsibility.

We look forward to having you, aye!
No upcoming events at the moment
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