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The Pirates Experience is a realistic and immersive adventure transporting Guests into the Golden Age of Piracy: sailing on a stunning wooden tall-ship while wearing realistic clothes, enjoying authentic food, and dealing with real swords. The Pirates Experience is an interactive adventure based on action, cooperation, conscious and subconscious stimulations; an experience allowing Guests to day-dream, to lose their grip on the real world, to travel back in time.

Our Guests leave in the lockers their clothes, accessories and identities: they sing pirate songs, build a campsite, light fires and torches, go on a scavenger hunt, bury or dig the chest. They share the booty with the crew and they celebrate with their mates drinking rum. Both day and night experiences are available, totally disconnected from comforts and mobiles: that’s one of the reasons why our first sailing adventure in 2021 went immediately sold-out.

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